Interview series: CAN plans for the future with its partners (introduction)

Collections Australia Network has been interviewing several of its partners to establish how well we are meeting your needs and what we can do to improve our service. While everyone so far has embraced what CAN has to offer, people have had some interesting ideas about the future direction of the heritage collection database. Please use this opportunity to offer your own suggestions and opinions.

The interview sessions were conducted with:
1) State Records Office of NSW public access manager Christine Yeats
2) Newcastle Regional Museum curator Julie Baird
3) Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority artefacts online special project heritage officer Zac Lambert
4) Hurstville City Museum, Library & Gallery historical and cultural services co-ordinator Gemma Beswick and technology and online services co-ordinator Luke Carter

Excerpts of the video interviews will be posted on YouTube and a full transcript will also be available on this blog over the next few days. The interviews with Christine Yeats and Julie Baird will be the first and second in the series and have already been posted on our YouTube channel.

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  1. Ross Flanagan Says:

    Another question:
    What is happening about development of supernova exhibits and general development?
    Is there a community of associated scientists involved with this?

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