Tips+Tricks: Video for the Web

The CAN Outreach Blog has compiled a simple guide on how to make video for the web. The main source of material has come from Shooting Web Video: How to put your readers at the scene. CAN highly recommends readers download Mindy McAdams’s Reporter’s Guide to Multimedia Proficiency. This is a bible for those wanting to participate in any type of social media, from producing video for the web to blogging.

A possum and a movie camera 1943, Australian War Memorial

A possum and a movie camera 1943, Flickr Commons/Australian War Memorial

Guide to making video for the web
1. Refine the story into one sentence to focus the idea. This will reduce any temptation to shoot everything.

2. Basic tools: digital video camera, a microphone, a tripod, a computer with enough processing power to capture and edit video, video editing software.

3. Interview: Make sure subjects are relaxed first. Ask simple questions that require a sentence to answer. Ask questions that evoke feelings, emotions and opinions. Don’t say anything while the subject is talking and don’t be afraid of silences. Ask the interviewee to pause between thoughts or mistakes so that is easy to edit.

4. Video images: Fill the frame. Keep the composition simple and uncluttered. Do not shoot into window light. Shoot sequences of video – a wide shot, medium and close up, with cutaway shots from multiple locations. A good trick is to ask the subject the same set of questions from two different angles (close-up and medium). Hold each shot for a minimum of 10 seconds. Avoid pans and zooms.

5. Write the script once the footage has been logged and captured in the editing software. Lay the best soundbites first and then build the images and secondary quotes around them. Poynter’s guide to script writing is an excellent and succinct resource.

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    Thanks Sarah. This is a good roundup. I’ll be linking to it in my notes. Joy

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